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Get Involved- Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

A large number of children in the age group of 1-10 years are prone to cardiovascular ailments and succumb to this disease as the cost of treatment goes beyond their capacity. Punjab is one of the prime affected states having highest mortality rate when it comes to juvenile heart disorders.


However, most of the heart ailments can be cured with the help of surgeries and precious lives can be saved. Not every child is fortunate to be blessed with parents who can bear the cost of treatment and hospital charges that run into Lakhs. The parents just walk away from the hospital and see their child undergoing a slow and painful death.


We at, Have a Heart Foundation Ludhiana Chapter, strive to give a new ray of hope to these children by making them undergo heart surgeries.


For this we need your support.


We believe that a long-lasting and real change can only be ushered when all of us come together and make the impossible turn into ‘possible’.

By getting involved with ‘Have a Heart Foundation’, your support strengthens us in reaching more juvenile patients and enlightening their future. The contribution from your CSR activity for NGO would ensure treatment of every needy child who approach us and avoid the premature death of these innocent souls.


Have a Heart Foundation is an NGO for CSR with Pan-India Presence and has a team of heart surgeons from top hospitals in India. When we partner with a corporate entity, we strive to get the company as well as its employees directly involved in our social welfare initiatives.  To bring the change at the grassroots, we make the organization and its stakeholders actively participate in the process.


CSR opportunities not only help us deliver the right help to the right patients but also help the corporate entity to emerge as a dominant brand that reverberates with the key stakeholders i.e. employees, customers, public and government.


Get involved with us.


For more details, write to us at haveaheartfoundation@gmail.com